Have Space Suit – Will Travel

“Our Heads Are Round so our Thoughts Can Change Direction” [Francis Picabia]

HaveSpaceSuitWillTravel… is a book title. I referred to it in a discussion about relocation, where I want to share my experience here.

I found three “types” of people in regards to the willingness to relocate:

  • Type 1: The Earthbound
    They grew up, work and will die in their home town. Maybe relocate to the next bigger town, but within a vicinity. They are rooted in their environment, friends, family.
  • Type 2: Upgrade + Stay
    Relocate once to where they believe they find their fortune, root there and stay there. See Type 1.
  • Type 3: The “Bird of Passage”
    Have Space Suit, Will Travel”. Will go, whereever a good job is offered knowing you can find friends anywhere and you can blend into any environment.

Concerns voiced in the discussion where related to environment, political insecurities, missing infrastructure, religion. These are usually Type 2’s, relocating only at forced necessity, but they prefer to stay where they are.
Many “birds of passage” evolve into a Type 2 when they get “tired”.

My only concerns on any relocation are (family and) my books. Everything is replacable, but I admit, my books I would miss. All my music is already MP3 and thanks to Terrabyte portable drives, it is no longer a problem to take movies and music along, but I did not yet find a good “book reader” replacing the paper version…

How do you think about relocation? Have I missed anything important? Thank you for feedback 😉

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