“Our Heads Are Round so our Thoughts Can Change Direction” [Francis Picabia]

Given the growing number of articles on recurring topics like Corona, Greenwashing, Sustainable Aviation, etc., I will try to use this page as a directory. Like the first static page I did on the Sustainability-Energy Dilemma. Now adding more static pages that I will keep updating (I know, a contradiction in terms, but you get what I mean). Instead of the posts, which tend to blur the value of the blog. Kind of “Whitepapers”. But I keep this very much with my early mentor Richard Eastman’s quote: “For those who agree or disagree, it is the exchange of ideas that broadens all of our knowledge”. Such I encourage you to comment or to reach out to me and discuss those topics and my reflected views.

And I will peu-en-peu remove duplicate articles where I added them to topic pages. [Last edit: 2021-12-05]

Quo Vadis Air Taxi
Air Taxi Unhyped
Post Corona Take Off
Corona and Aviation
Financial Impact of Air Travel
The Financial Impact of Air Travel
#flygskam (flyshame) Reality Check
Greenwashing Demon (shutterstock_1170455851)
The Road to Environmentally-Friendly Flying
Power from the Plug Greenwashing
The Sustainability-Energy Dilemma
Airline Cash Burn
Why Airlines Keep Failing
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