Shift Happens (narrated)

I lately refer frequently to the video Shift Happens, giving in roughly six minutes a summary, what, how and why our time seems to be increasingly an issue and how the world around us is reshaped by globalization and Internet.

The source has been a small presentation (Powerpoint) done in fall 2006 for 150 teachers and parents. The presentation and it”s variants (such as the Youtube-video) have meanwhile been downloaded more than 5 million times!

The follow up video Vision 2020 in fact is meanwhile exceeded in expert discussions, expecting an “intelligent agent” to support automatic, qualified searches within a year – a change which impact is compared to the one when Google revolutionized the web search. Nevertheless, I do recommend also the 18 minute follow up video after you have watched “Shift Happens” (the video above) first.

If you wish to learn more, here is the site where it all began.


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