Winners and Loosers

RUTRRussians outnumber German visitors in Antalya. Russians invest in TUI, Air Berlin, Öger Tours and other travel companies being “unsexy” to “traditional”, “Western” investors… Oh god, the Russians are coming…

Eyes on Russia… Lately (as usual: Thanks to a beautiful woman) I learn a lot about Russia. The image shown mostly on TV is misleading. That is an emerging country! Do not look at the old Russians. Look at the young generation, the students! Oh yes, they have a long way to go. But they prosper, figures show a clear trend.

A luxury hotel chain did a check recently, their receptions noting down, which age group visitors mostly belong to. The boom market China was a niche… Germans and British were +90% in the age group 60+, where the Russians were 90% in the age group -40. And they spend four to five times as much “aside” than the good old Europeans.

Shift happens. Are we ready for it?

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