Do you eat insects?

“Our Heads Are Round so our Thoughts Can Change Direction” [Francis Picabia]

LobsterSkorpionNo? I couldn”t make you consider eating that scorpion? Hmm… How about Lobster? Shrimp? That is something different? Okay. They live in the sea, they are larger. But matter of fact, they both are crustaceans! [1]

So what are cultural differences all about? I was asked lately – by a beautiful lady I must admit – if I wouldn”t have problems the different culture and mentality…? From what I learned doing international sales and projects: Sales as well as friendship are based on mutual respect. That includes to (temporarily) accept local customs and traditions, as well as those of your guest. To be friendly, honest and trustworthy are keys to success. Lies have an extremely low half-time and they tend to hit you in the back at the most awkward of times.

[1] Based on a comparison by Gordon Ramsay
[2] Image Ron Harris

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